For general inquiries, please contact: moc.hcrailo@eciffo

If you are interested in working with us, please submit your portfolio and resume (max. 12MB) to: moc.hcrailo@sreerac

Current Positions we are looking to fill:

Revit Designer
Associate Architect

Apply knowledge and skills in architectural design, construction procedure, and materials to perform duties that include researching, planning, designing and administrating building design projects for the firm's clients under direct supervision of licensed architects; work as a member of the design team to determine architectural preferences, purpose and function of environment, budget, types of construction, equipment to be installed, and other factors which affect the planning of a given new structure or renovation; integrate findings with knowledge of architectural and engineering design and strive to be practical, aesthetic, and conductive to a client's goals in the work; perform other design work including space planning, layout, and utilization of furnishing and equipment; render design ideas in forms of scale drawings, 3-D models and illustrations and estimate material requirements and costs, and present design to licensed architects for approval; select and design furnishings and accessories if
necessary. Minimum Requirements: Master’s degree in Architecture with at least 12 months of previous full-time experience in the same occupation. To apply, please send application and resume to HR, OLI Architecture PLLC, 6 West 18th Street, Suite 2A, New York, NY 10011.


Internship positions are available. Please send a portfolio and CV and with a short description of term length and objective.