Anji Play

Design: 2016-2019
Construction: 2018-Ongoing

Nestled in the footsteps of the Yuhua Jinhua mountains in the countryside of Anji county is the new AnjiPlay Kindergarten and International Child Care Center. Anchoring the education complex comprised of research, teaching centers, the AnjiPlay Museum, a convention center, and dorms, is the AnjiPlay early childhood kindergarten, the flagship of educator, Ms. Cheng Xueqin’s self-determinate, play based curriculum schools for 3 to 6 year olds.

Love, risk, joy, engagement, reflection are the guiding principles of AnjiPlay. Our mandate for the design of the kindergarten was to maximize the opportunities for imaginative play and contact with natural elements and phenomena, requiring a predominant presence of nature embracing a humble architecture. Earth, water, sky, trees, bamboo, hills, tunnels and ditches are among the integrated environmental elements carefully blended to engage children in endless exploration, allowing each child to take ownership of discovery and learning through "True Play."

Architecture, is one of the environmental elements that affords complexity in terms of spatial experience and shelter. With the overlapping blending of the natural and architectural elements, new opportunities, phenomena and experiences are constantly created affording a children’s kingdom of play and learning. True to the spirit of the guiding principles, the AnjiPlay architecture must be in its elemental form, simple enough to allow for phenomena to be experienced, not dictated, trusting and engaging children in learning from their natural environment.