CSAC Museum

Design 2011- 2014
Construction in progress
7,079 sqm

The museum is a simple geometric volume made up of angled planes with thin vertical ceramic frit of varying densities providing both pattern and shading. A second large glass enclosure of horizontally fritted glass defines a floating second floor volume housing exhibition and a service core.

The open plan allows for flexible exhibition arrangement while allowing for a circuit of continuously unfolding display and museum experiences. The entire program is defined by light/ephemeral partitions, inspired by the light colorful translucent embroidery partitions of embroidered screens. With the translucency and the layered overlapping of varying angles of fritted enclosure glass, partitions, display items and circulating people, the museum’s materiality and form helps collapse the layers of the observer’s perspective creating a “living 2D embroidery.”

As one enters the building, the visitor’s experience of the in-between spaces created by inner and outer layers of the fritted glass envelope, allows people to perceive panoramic views of different densities reminiscent of the stories and compositions woven from the colorful threads of silk embroidery.