Hai Dao SAC Art Museum

Design Development in Progress

The SAC Museum situated in the new Central Business District of Hainan will be a new cultural beacon anchoring the Haidao Silk Cultural Art Park development.

The museum comprised of several draped pieces of silk “fabric,” sits majestically facing the new main planning avenue and the Central Green Spine of the new CBD. The weave of the fa?ade “fabric” expressed by the use of varying textures of colored concrete, polished stone and glass, highlights and accentuates the “drape” and curvature of the building skin animated by the viewer’s changing vantage and the movement of the sun.

The planning of the interwoven interior spaces is envisioned as a new type of vertical “Living Museum” where various cultural program activities are woven in the body of the draped building frame offering not only silk cultural exhibition but revolving educational, entertainment, shopping and leisure activities, integral to today’s modern Chinese and international lifestyles.