Hai Dao SAC Project

Design Development in progress

The site is located in Haina, China, located about 15km from downtown Haikou. Located on site near the Qiongzhou Straight is a masiveconvention center. Cutting through the area will be a Central Park greenarea. The Wuyuan River Forrest Park surrounds the CDB.

There are some important views the project should look at. Those being the Qiongzhou Straight, Central Park, Wuyuan River Forrest Park, and the projects own courtyard area. It is important to avoid views being blocked by other buildings as well as the projects own buildings blocking eachother. Rotation of masses can help orient away from tall building zones toward these views.
Due to the varied but integral programming elements of the Haidao Silk Art Cultural Park, from the initial stages, it became strategically important to express the architectural massing of the entire complex as a whole creating a fluid singular identity unique within the new CBD.

Individual masses of Office Tower, Small Office Tower, Hotel and Boutique Hotel was formed by stacking individual slabs in positions relative to each other, taking advantage of site zoning, views, and sun orientation. The slab edgeswere thenpurposefully expressed as banding of various thicknesses on the facade, reminiscent of the lines formed by the wrapping of silk thread. The thread of the Silk Museum and Special Silk Retail was then “woven” between the individual program stacks, pushing and pulling, forming their shapes between terraced landscapes while creating a unifying podium enveloping a central “green” courtyard.

By gradually varying the length of the white aluminum slab edge bands, protruding out for deep eaves at maximum sun exposure, the banding allowed for shading opportunities for passive cooling while allowing for expressive manipulating of the façade reflecting the flowing lines of woven fine silk.